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Please contact us at anytime and follow us on or social media feeds. Our feeds will definitely the most up to date stream of information available from us.


Mission statement– Strangers or old friends get on the boat, good friends get off at the end of the trip after killing some fish.

Food/ Beverages- Bring whatever you like. We do not supply food or beverages. 

Foul weather gear- If you have it, bring it.

Seasickness/ Dramamine- If you think you might get seasick, consult with a physician or your pharmacist. Trips are not cancelled due to seasickness.

Sunscreen- You will need it on daytime trips.

Pools- We do not collect or hold pool money for passengers that choose to take part in them.

Company policies – 

Alcohol- While we all like to enjoy ourselves on the water we ask that  our customers remain respectful to others on our boat and as well as other boats. So, highly intoxicated is not allowed. The Captain and crew are not allowed to consume intoxicants.

Cancellations- The Captains word is law. If weather appears to be unfavorable for your trip or mechanical difficulties preclude the trip from happening you will be informed prior to the trip and an alternative date will be made.

Deposits- Deposits are not refundable. All trips booked require deposits. The amount shall be determined by the Captain. Cash, checks and all major credt cards accepted.

Payments- A $50.00 fee  is imposed for full payment of a trip via credit card.